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Worry Free Warranty Protection Plans

"Hearing Instrument Coverage for All Makes and Models"

 Give yourself peace of mind...  

     Starkey offers comprehensive Worry Free Warranty Coverage for ALL hearing aid brands.  This is available as long as your hearing aids are in proper operating condition.  They provide protection against failure, damage, and even loss.  New hearing aids come with a limited warranty. If you experience problems with your hearing aid(s) during the warranty period, simply bing the instrument to Associated Hearing & Diagnostics for us to diagnose and correct the problem.

Don't Take Chances...     

     Because your hearing instruments become a natural part of your life, it is important to protect your investment.  It can be upsetting to you, as well as, your family and friends, if you are suddenly without your hearing aids. Even with careful precautions, hearing aids can malfunction or get loss, usually at the worst possible time.  Contact us, and ask our audiologist about which Worry Free Warranty plan would best fit your hearing and lifestyle needs.

Simple Reminders About Hearing Aid Care...

  • Never attempt to repair your hearing aid.  Do-it-yourself repairs usually cause more damage than good.  Report any problems immediately.
  • Never wear your hearing instruments in the shower or swimming.
  • If your hearing instruments do get wet, never try any "quick-drying" methods such as microwave, hair dryers, or ovens.  Consult us if your aids are inoperable due to moisture.
  • Always place your hearing aids in a safe place out of reach of pets or children.  Remember the batteries are poisonous.
  • If your hearing instruments sound distorted or unclear they may be in need of repair and you should contact us immediately.
  • Visit us at least twice a year for follow-up care and routine service.  Hearing loss is dynamic and we recommend that you have your hearing tested at least once a year to ensure you are receiving maximum benefit from your hearing instruments.
Contact us today, about our Worry Free Warranty Plans or to make an appointment to be seen by our highly skilled audiologist.