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Audiology Services

Hearing Aid Sales
At Associated Hearing & Diagnostics our highly trained professionals will help you find the hearing instruments that will best meet your hearing needs. We carry the latest in hearing technolgy, and we stand behind our products. Satisfaction guaranteed! 

Hearing Aid Models    

  Learn more about our hearing aid models, their state-of-the-art technology, and many styles and features at


Hearing Aid Services and Repair
It is important to keep your hearing instrument in good working order.  We provide electroacoustical analysis, hearing aid cleaning and listening checks, and repairs of all makes and models hearing aids.  We also keep a fresh supply of all battery sizes, and have a variety of hearing aid accessories. Join our Battery Club and have your batteries shipped directly to your home.
Audiometric Evaluations
At Associated Hearing & Diagnostics our audiologists use highly sophisticated equipment to perform complete diagnostic hearing evaluations, hearing screenings, (OAE) Otoacoustic Emission testing, newborn/infant hearing screenings, (ABR) Auditory Brainstem Response Test, and hearing aid evaluations.
Custom Ear Plugs
We also fit custom ear plugs to protect those who are exposed to high levels of noise, custom swim molds, custom ear plugs/monitors for iPod/MP3 players, and in-ear monitors for professional musicians.
Ear Wax Removal
Excessive or tightly packed cerumen (ear wax) in the ear canals can cause a temporary loss of hearing.  At Associated Hearing & Diagnostics, we are qualified to assist in the removal of ear wax.
Hearing Aid Batteries
Our hearing aid batteries are always fresh, unlike those in retail stores. You may purchase batteries at any of our three locations or by contacting us by phone or email.  We will be glad to mail the batteries directly to your home. One package of batteries sells for $5.00, or you can buy three packages for $12.00.  If you do not want to bother ordering every time you need hearing aid batteries you can join our Battery Club and we can mail you a supply of batteries automatically each month. 


Contact us  to schedule an appointment with our audiologists.